Monday, August 29, 2011

Tip # one!

You can't use liquid glue!! It will warp these papers!! I have always used liquid glue, I am hoping that when I put my pages into a scrapbook they will even out, they're not unusable I'm just not using liquid glue anymore. I had to go to my LSS (local scrapbook store) To get adhesive and almost dropped to the floor when I had to had over seven dollars and some change for it!! 
This is me being sad about my warpped pages and seven dollars!!

Since I was school shopping anyway last weekend I thought I'd check out the price at a big book store, it wasn't cheaper. I assume it would be more expensive at a lss apparently that mind set is not always correct!
Of course, if you have a coupon you can get it for half price but if you live in the booneys like me those opportunities do not often arise.

Now to be fair I had read before that these type of papers would warp with liquid glue but me being the optimist that I am I had to see for myself!! It warps save your self the sad face and opt for the scrapbook tape (or maybe a glue stick)!!

I've been looking into some new ways to make inexpensive embellishments with paper so check back soon!!


  1. Hi Shelby, I use a lot of spray adhesive when working with sticking papers down hugs Terrie