Minimum Scrapbook tools

Paper trimmer I have the fiskers trimmer which you can switch out the blades so you can keep on cutting. This cutter is ok but the first one I had four years ago i cant even remember the name of it but i got it from wal-mart and loved it!! I'm still getting used to the fiskers it seems to cut unevenly. One of my favorite parts is that the sliding cutter lifts up to easily cut the paper in different spots.

This is mine!!

There's a wide range of paper cutters try to find the one that's right for you.  Some people have industrial size paper cutters that can cut numerous papers at the same time I personally don't find that necessary.

The cricut tool kit is great even though i own a cricut (which I barely use) I use this kit almost every time I create a page. It has scissors which is a must have and a bone folder which is great for cards even if you don't do cards believe me you will get sucked in!! A ruler with sharp piercing tools. I use the sharp piercing tool to set brads. I just zip up the case put the page on top of it than stick the piercer through the paper than place my brad because it is foam the pierce doesn't hurt it!! This reduces the need for a self healing mat.
Adhesive is also another tool that you have to get I haven't found a brand that I am loyal to. I have heard a lot about the ATG gun but do not have one so couldn't tell you if it's worth getting.


That's the bare minimum for making a scrapbook page. Some of the following are things that aren't must haves but things that I like and use on almost every page.

Pop-dots are glue dots that are larger  so when you use them they make you project look three D these are great o use with any elements that you cut out form paper!! You can also make your own Glue dots I haven't tried these so I don't know how well it works but it looks fun!!  <<===== Link to a video to make your own glue dots!!

I buy ink it up, if i need a certain color i can go out and garb one for a dollar instead of three or four. Though its not good for stamping with clear stamps. I use it for inking around the edges of paper, I think it gives another demension to pages.
I have no affiliation with any of the products I have listed here or anywhere on my blog. These are my own personal opions.