Friday, September 2, 2011

Don't put that there!!

I make a lot of mistakes in my scrapbooking. I learn from everyone!! Like today even though it is a "duh" kind of moment I mistakenly inked my page.

The mistake

See the red stripe circle, freshly inked, I set it on my paper!! Why? I couldn't tell you. When I'm inking I'm always thinking be careful don't get ink all over your page. Sometimes it happens.

The fix
I had these stars cut out anyway to go on this layout. They weren't going there but I think it looks pretty good. If you make a mistake DON'T THROW OUT YOUR PAPER. That would be a huge waste. Just add a sticker, use the same color ink for a stamp, or stick a journaling card there. Journaling looks good almost anywhere on a page.

Well this page is almost finished so I hope to post it soon. Most of the embellishments are fussy cut from echo park paper so check back soon!!

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